About Mrs. Griffin


Aliases given to me by students over the years - Mrs. G, The Griffster, Gryffindor, G-force, Mama G, and The Mafia Mama! (I'm Sicilian :) 


Family - I have two children.  My daughter is a cultural trainer and currently is living in Germany.  My son is a network administrator at a hospital and is a super geek. (Remember...the geeks rule the world :) He has been my partner on the Starquest trip since 1999.


Hobbies - I love reading novels, gardening, listening to all kinds of music, watching movies, and working on my computers. I also spend time online Skyping with my daughter while she's away and to my friends from all over the world. I love to travel. During the last few years, I've visited a lot of different places. 




Food -The favorite food at my house is pizza, although chocolate is right up there.                          

Work - This is the eighteenth year I've taught beginning chemistry and physics in the gifted program in Rockford. I really love teaching science. 

Fun Facts :
I've worked a lot of different places in my long life, but one of my favorites was working in a hospital laboratory. I worked in the ER a lot!   

I love ALL kinds of music.  I once saw the Beatles in concert   (I'm very old!!!! ) and  I loved Blue Man Group when I saw them in concert in Toronto and later saw their improv in Chicago.



My dad ran a restaurant when I was growing up, so I  learned to do all the jobs in a restaurant.


Since 1999, I have taken more than 500 kids on a multi-day physics trip in Florida in the summertime called Starquest.